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What do you attract to you ?

I like to think I attract great things in my life . Now that is . I didn’t always think this way . 

What do you attract to you ? 



I was one of those people when it rain it pours. Everything happens to me. Never the good. Well that is what I thought. The fact of the matter was . All I focused on was the bad things that happened and did not give much attention to the good things happening around me. 

Once I was able to see it is all in my mind set , I changed it immediately.  Almost immediately my luck started to change. Good things started happening to me . Well to be honest I didn’t really glorify the bad things anymore. If you give it attention then it would mean that it effects me. I will no longer allow the negative effect my life. I only allow great things to be attracted to me.

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How deep in thought are you ?


Deep in Thought

Deep in Thought


How many times do you find yourself deep in thought.  So deep in thought that you don’t even realize that you are doing it . You catch up to your thought and realize it is all in your mind. Then you think to yourself. ” was that even worth thinking  about” 

I used to find myself deep in the wrong thought. The thoughts that aren’t going to help me reach my goals seem to have been a waste of my time . All those years I spent thinking about the past and running scenarios in my mind of what could have happened or what should have happened instead of what I am going to make happen. 

I have a deep understanding for what I need to focus my thoughts on. I want to stay on track and focused on my goals. I am human so I expect that I will have to train myself to stay focused . I understand the minute I feel myself slipping . To step up and push harder. It seems easier to fall back in a comfort zone. But what is really comfortable about being unhappy ?

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Dealing With Death

People Deal with Death differently.

I have been exposed to a lot of death in the earlier years of my life. Between 1989-1998 I had lost really close friends of mine. There deaths all came suddenly. Some from cars accidents, Some motorcycle, and some from drugs. I had lost friends after 1998 but I learned to deal with those deaths differently.

When people die we can morn their deaths in two ways.

In a positive way and a negative way.

From my experience most people deal in a negative way. These people I saw use the deaths as an excuse to fail in their own lives. Most of them turned to drugs. I heard them repeatedly use the excuse of their friends death as the reason that they are using drugs. How silly does that sound? It sounded pretty silly to me. Did using drugs bring them back?

I saw very few take that experience and turn it into a positive. In reality that is what the smart thing to do is. Making the choice to take the memories of a person you love and creating a positive effect in your life. You can take you hurt , pain and the memory and flip it into something wonderful. Use their memory as a driving force to your success.

You can do that with every challenge that is thrown your way. Death like most challenges are unexpected. So remember even when it comes to death.

Respond instead of reacting to the situation.

helen keller

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Out of the Box

It is truly important for personal growth to step Out of the Box.

Ask yourself…. Are you the type of person that complains a lot? Do you find you ask yourself all the time why is my life like this? I used to ask myself the same questions. Then I realized that I am the only person that can change that. I did and so can you!

I looked at parts of my life that weren’t working well for me. I asked myself is there a different way I can go about things. I always say if it isn’t working for you to see where you are going wrong . Make a conscious effort to change it. You don’t need to change all at once. Not everybody handles change well.

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself some really important questions:

  • Do I like myself?
  • Am I a good person?
  • Am I a positive thinker?
  • Am I doing what I want with my life?
  • Am I capable of change?

I think after you are honest with yourself with these answers, you can start your growth. Just keep it real with yourself. Taking the easy way out you are purely cheating yourself out of real happiness. So again ask yourself :

Are you ready to think Out of the Box?

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Out of the Box

Thinking the same way all the time really doesn’t help during change. You need to consider thinking out of the box.

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