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Liberty League’s Wake up to Success call


The Morning Wake-Up Call

The Morning Wake-Up Call

























 I look forward everyday to my wake up call. It is a call I go on every morning Monday through Friday. The Intro taker is Kevin Knect. He is on the call greeting everybody calling in. When you dial up you introduce yourself on the call. 

Liberty League

Then he introduces Tony Rush. Tony has been doing the wake up to success call for about 2 years now. He will usually pick a topic on Monday that will last all week. There are guests on the call. The guest are all associates of the company. 


We had the pleasure of spending 6 days in the Bahamas with these amazing people and their families. They shared all the knowledge they have in being successful in Liberty League. But what I learned is you have to been successful with yourself. That is really the point to the conferences. To grow as a individual human being. I was lucky enough to be able to have my children with me. So we got to grow together. When we sit down we get up new people!

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