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Are you really affected ?

What recession ?

The one they tell us  we are having so that we go in to a state of panic and stop spending money and the chain reaction starts , people don’t spend money , companies start to miss that money they told us we shouldn’t be spending because of the recession and then people get laid off because the companies are missing the money that we have and are told not to spend . The money is there is doesn’t just disappear . It cycles all the time . But when we are told that there is a problem we stop the cycle . Then it seems that the money has disappeared . That is just giving the government time to figure out how to hide all the money they took out of the cycle .

It reminds me of the traffic signs on the highway . You know the digital ones that tell you if there is traffic ahead . All the sudden when you get to those exits mentioned on the sign everybody slows down . Usually there is no direct reason for the traffic other than the sign states that it should be there .

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