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When It Rains, It Pours

Sometimes it seems that everything seems to happen at the same time. It becomes overwhelming. How to we keep our lives in order when so many unexpected things happen at the same time? Sometimes things come along that we can’t predict. What do we do then? 

When It Rains, It Pours



I’d like to think I can handle every given situation. There are times when I am presented with more than one situation at a time. That is when i find myself neglecting myself. I loose sight of my own life. How can I learn to handle it all . I need to keep sight on my own life while being a support system for others. Don’t get me wrong I am good at what I do and would never not be there for those that need me. I just need to juggle it better. 

I know if I just follow the beyond freedom program everything else will just fall into place. Sometimes I think I need to remind myself to let go and let God. Everything will run its course and not to loose sight on myself. To make sure I take care of myself and my family first and then and only then reach out and help others.

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