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Day 90 of My Beyond Freedom Program

I did it! I committed myself to do certain things and have certain thoughts. I showed my self that I am a completely disciplined person when I choose to be. Why would I choose to be anything but a leader in my life. I am the only person who has say over me. It is a empowering feeling. I can just stand from the top of my building and scream ” I am FREE!!!”. 

Day 90 of MY Beyond Freedom Program


A Time to Celebrate!

A Time to Celebrate!




I have freed myself from ever having to please anybody in my life but me. I no longer feel I need to do things in my life to prove myself to anybody. I will no longer care what anybody thinks about the way I talk or the decisions that I make for my life. All these years it took me to learn these most valuable lessons in life. As soon as I gave in . My world began to change. It is OK to not follow the lead. It is more important to be the leader! I love being me! And the best part it is great to say that, that’s  how I feel.

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