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You Can Do It All By Yourself

Sometimes  I just can’t understand. Why do people think that they can’t do things on there own. They need to be told what to do in there own lives. Or they know what they want but they want somebody to actually tell them what to do. Why don’t they take charge. It is the only job in the whole world where you are the boss and nobody can change that. Why would you want to let someone make life decisions for you.

You Can Do It All By Yourself !

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I just wish people would stop making excuses for why they don’t have and start taking action. I hear people tell me all the time , I know what i have to do . How do i do it ?  What do they mean how. Just get off your rump and do it. It is your life, Show up and get what you came for. All it takes is action. You want to have things and be somebody you need to take action in your life. Own it! 


Do you own your life? 

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