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You cannot be a Victim anymore !

You need to Refuse to participate in thoughts and conversations of lack . If you are focusing all of your energy on what you don’t have and what isn’t going right for you you sound like a victim of your life . It almost goes hand and hand with being addicted to unhappiness in your life. 

glass half empty or half full

Life is more than what you lack . It is more about what you have and what are . The glass needs to remain half full . I say half full and not full , because there should always be room to add to your life . 

We all have to responsibility for our lives , But how many of you accept your life ? How many of you feel that you truly are a victim of your life . I used to play the victim card . I look back and realized that I didn’t get very far in my life playing that deck . Neither will you .

” you can’t be successful until you become successful “


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